Texas Traffic Laws Update

When you’re stopped by a cop and issued a citation for one of the new offenses in the books in Texas in 2013, you could gain from getting a traffic violation law firm (see http://garland-trafficticketlawyer.com ) that can help you to avoid wasted time, points upon your license, in conjunction with a fine or warrant.

Here’s a quick summary regarding the new laws:

Public elementary, middle, or junior highschool crossing zones designated by a local authority have become subjected to limitations on utilization of wireless communication devices. The periods of limitation are governed by the periods when reduced speed limits are in effect. Drivers making emergency calls, stopped vehicles, or hands-free device users won’t be subjected to the new limitations. You’d be wise to use a local traffic citation lawyer (see http://garland-trafficticketlawyer.com ) to help you out with your citation if you are accused of violating this new law.

The penalties and fees have been modified for passing a stopped school bus loading or unloading children; the highest fine for this type of offense has become $1,250, and the lowest is $500.00.Should you be convicted a second time for this crime inside of Five years, this is now a misdemeanor which has a fine ranging between $1000.00 and $2000.00. Make use of a local traffic citation lawyer (visit http://garland-trafficticketlawyer.com ) if you’re cited for this particular violation.

A automobile operator now has the option for utilizing a wireless communication device (say for example a cellular phone) to demonstrate automobile financial responsibility (evidence of insurance cover) info as evidence of financial responsibility. Showing the officer your phone by doing this does not authorize the officer to browse the cell phone for any other information. If you get cited due to this, we suggest hiring a local traffic ticket attorney (look at http://garland-trafficticketlawyer.com ).

In the event you approach a Texas Department of Transportation vehicle with its lights on, and it isn’t segregated from the highway by way of a traffic-control device, you must slow. The Move Over/Slow Down law is broadened with this rule, so that tow trucks, police, fire and emergency vehicles aren’t the only automobiles that need to be heeded by drivers in this regard. Employ a nearby traffic violation lawyer should you be ticketed for this offense.

Now the fine for driving a motor vehicle on the public highway without exhibiting front and back license plates has risen to $200.00, and it is a misdemeanor ticket.